About Us

The Sachem Central Teachers’ Association exists to guard and uphold the well-being of its members; to improve the conditions of teaching and learning; to promote a free, universal, and quality public education.

Mission Statement

To fulfill its mission, the Sachem Central Teachers’ Association (SCTA) pursues the following goals:

The SCTA works to secure just salaries and benefits.

The SCTA seeks to sustain safe working conditions so that educational professionals can teach and students can learn.

The SCTA speaks with one unified voice for its members before the Board of Education and the district and school administrations.

The SCTA represents its members in governmental relations in order to influence state and federal legislation.

The SCTA maintains internal and external communication systems to ascertain its members' priorities, to keep its members informed, and to improve its relations with the public.

The SCTA maintains a governance system designed to achieve broad membership involvement and democratic decision-making.

The SCTA provides resources for its members.

The SCTA works to promote human and civil rights.

The SCTA supports National and State parent unions in an effort to support their endeavors to improve the professional, economic and personal lives of members.